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Michael Buckley  MA, Dip Arch, RIBA

Solar Architecture & Envaluation is the practice of Michael Buckley, a chartered architect.

Having worked for various architectural practices over the past 30 years and always centred on low energy and passive solar design, I work in my own practice - again focused on designing for climate.

This was particularly relevant when I was working in the tropics. Daylight, sunlight, natural ventilation and spaciousness are where a design starts. 

I also worked for a decade at the the Building Research Establishment, writing guidance for architects and engineers on energy efficiency and passive solar design.

In addition, I have a further interest is what makes a 'nice' place to be and like to analyse and assess the quality of buildings, villages or towns using an environmental assessment I have developed. 

An architect is an ideas person as well as a designer, therefore I have also designed or been involved with the design of other environmental related projects or concepts. But as a laterally thinking ideas person, I contribute ideas to businesses in various areas and also write or edit technical documents for others. 

I obtained a first degree in history at Keble College, Oxford which included a special subject on English architecture 1660-1720. It led me to eventually study architecture for another degree at the Central London Polytechnic and to qualify as an architect and member of the RIBA.

My first job was with Solar Energy Developments which was an architectural practice started by a visionary architect, Dominic Michaelis. This multi-disciplinary practice was doing research from the late 1970s into the use of solar as well as the design of buildings and other work. 

Solar Energy Developments projects.jpg

Projects of Solar Energy Developments 1980s

Although there was much interest in 'green' buildings from architects, engineers, planners etc , there was not much information about, so in 1989 I organised a conference about it at the RIBA under the auspices of the London Energy Group of which I was a member.

Programme for first Green Buildings conference at the RIBA in1989 

There is only one Earth  - it can survive without us.

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