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 Environmental assessment


POISE Environmental Assessment Method 

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POISE is a post occupancy assessment method for new or existing buildings. It assesses  the level of design and operation attained by a building compared against benchmarks against other similar buildings in order to improve the existing or learn for future projects.

The method assesses the building under six main categories of performance with each category having another six sub-categories, making 36 categories in all. 

The assessment results are displayed on a score card that compare it with benchmark standards.

The main categories are:

  1. Planning and Community

  2. Architecture and construction

  3. Services and systems

  4. Interior and environment

  5. Value and costs

  6. Experience and esteem

Focus is on the more objective principles:

  • Durability

  • Adaptability

  • Passivity

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental value

And on the more subjective principles:

  • Aspirational

  • Inspirational

  • Contextual

  • Delightful

  • Atmospheric

Assessment of buildings - construction and passive features

These assessments are just part of the POISE evaluation that deals with architecture and construction. They contribute to the score card and provide a good visual report for the client to appreciate points being illustrated - pictures in a report being more meaningful than words.  

1. Two new schools

This assessment was of two new schools and covers some features of construction and environmental design.  The ticks on the slide indicate good practice and the crosses poor practice.

N. Assessing design quality of two schools 17-32.png

2. A primary school

This assessment was of the construction and environmental design of a Primary School. It had both traditional and new buildings.

N. Assessing design quality of a Primary School 1-16.png
N. Assessing design quality of a Primary School 17-32.png
N. Assessing design quality of a Primary School 33-48.png

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