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Solar Architecture

Solar Architecture is the architectural practice of Michael Buckley that starts from passive solar design principles for the foundation of the design.

Exploiting orientation, daylight, sunlight, natural ventilation creates bright, airy spaces. Associated with good insulation, the designs provide comfortable  places to live and work.

Hence solar architecture.

Projects undertaken are up to £1m in value. They can be an extension, a total refurbishment or a new building. The work tends to use tried and tested traditional construction in order to achieve thermal mass and long life. For big projects I work with other firms. 

The work includes:

  • design of buildings

  • managing the project

  • master planning and urban design

  • advice for use or reuse of sites and buildings

  • technical feasibility studies

  • reports to submit with planning applications

  • party wall awards

Climate rally, London
  © 2014 Solar Architecture

A small but a rewarding project loved by the client.

Roof & crown, Kew

This roof over a new rear extension has glazing limiited in size but well distributed, and a crown of glass to filter light through a hole at the summit.


Envaluation is for environmental evaluation. It arose out of a desire to find out what went into making a 'nice' place, whether a building, village, town, or just part of a place like a town square -  what they are like to be in and how they perform.

In order to carry out this subjective aim as objectively as possible, an environmental assessment method was developed. Hence envaluation. 

An assessment leads to a discussion with the client about potential improvements. These range from traffic and pedestrian circulation to public space provision.

Rear extension interior 1, Barnes

This extension could only have a limited height roof for planning reasons. Therefore several small roof lights were used to provide sunlight and daylight. As the room has a south east facing orientation the gable end could be well glazed without resulting in room overheating most of the year and has a large overhang to shade at mid summer. 

A nice place feels physically and emotionally pleasing without necessarily knowing quite why.

Contact:    Michael Buckley    tel:  +44 (0)7838 8155739      eml:  envaluation@icloud